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NSWRL JRL Licensed Supplier Program

The NSWRL together with the NSW Junior Leagues Association have implemented a Licensed Supplier Program to all Junior League Clubs who participate in both Local District Competitions and NSWRL Senior Competitions.

The Program will ensure Clubs receive competitive and standardisedpricing. From 2017 it is mandatory for Clubs to purchase their on-field gear * from one of the 9 licensed suppliers that have been approved by the NSWRL. A list of Licensed Suppliers and their contact details is included for the information of Clubs.

* There is no requirement for Clubs to purchase their off-field gear from a Licensed Supplier. 

NSWRL Licensed Suppliers

Do we have to use one of the NSWRL Licensed Suppliers for our on-field gear?

Yes. All Clubs participating within a NSWRL Club / Affiliated Association and / or District or NSWRL Competition will be required to feature the NSWRL logo on on-field gear from the commencement of the 2017 season. Only Licensed Suppliers have the authority to reproduce the NSWRL logo on your gear.

How much will the Licensed Suppliers charge?

Each supplier will register their standard pricing ranges. These price lists will be available to all Clubs. Licensed Suppliers will also make available a list of their lead times (production times)

What if I have more questions?

Please contact your District Administration for more information.