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Tedesco: I Want To Be The Top Fullback

Matt Buxton (Twitter: @MattBuxton22)


He’s at a new powerhouse club and proudly launched the new Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues jersey; now James Tedesco wants to be the new number one fullback in the game.

He paid the Roosters headquarters a visit for the first time earlier this week and has no intentions for an extended post-World Cup break, ready to rip in for the tri-colours as they deal with the revolving door of players exiting and entering the club.

Tedesco’s intention to become the premier fullback in the game could become a reality considering the assistance that superstars he will play behind will bring, including the mouth-watering combination with Cooper Cronk.

“I’ve probably had that goal for a couple of years to be the top fullback,” Tedesco said.

“Going to a club like the Roosters with Cooper and the quality of players they have there, I definitely think it’s a bit opportunity for me.

“There’s a bit of expectation going to a top club like the Roosters, the way [Cronk] plays and controls the game and the combination he’s had with Billy [Slater] over the years is something that I’ve admired and enjoyed watching.

“He’s got the footy brain that’s made him the most dominant player in the game, to be able to play off him I’m sure I’ll improve my game.”

The thought of the already dominant Tedesco taking his game to a new level would surely excite the Blatchys Blues fans who saw him at his best at various stages in the four Origin games he has played.

He’s excited to link up with Brad Fittler in the upcoming series if selected, and proudly walked the catwalk to launch the new jersey at The Star’s Marquee on Wednesday night.

For a player so good on his feet, Tedesco was just happy to model the new Canterbury kits without any mishaps.

“Down the catwalk [was] a first for me, I think I handled it all right, I’m just glad I didn’t fall over to be honest,” Tedesco said.

“A new jersey, new brand and a new coach, I like the colours, I think it’s an exciting time for NSW for the future.

“[Fittler] wanted to move around, he had to be still and that’s not like him, he had to be serious which isn’t like him either.”

The light-hearted humour about his potential future coach shows Tedesco is already comfortable with the most capped Blue, having played under him for City on the wing in 2015.

Bringing the best out of a group of players is a trait Tedesco highlighted during City camp, and that was proven for the world to see with the job he recently did for Lebanon.

As an attacking player that plays on instinct, Tedesco is happy with the free reign he and his teammates could receive under Fittler that will hopefully bring the best out of the Blues.

“His energy and his laid back attitude I think it’s good for us, [he] let us play how we feel, I think that’s a good thing for us,” Tedesco said.

“We have a lot of superstars that want to play to their strengths and I think he’ll allow that, when you look at our team last year there was a lot of attacking flair in our team, the job for Freddy is to get that out of all of us for all three games.

“Talking to Mitch [Moses] and the Lebanon side what he did with them, he was saying Freddy allowed them to play the footy that they wanted to play and gave them free rein which got the best out of them; if he can do that for us at the Blues we can get some success.

“We’ve got a young squad that we’ve built from last year and there’s a lot of young players coming through as well, so there’s a lot of challenges for positions and I’m looking forward to doing [my] best to get a spot.”